• See who's on your website and get new leads

    Identify your website visitors! WOW tracking software allows you to get more details about your customers, turn them into hot leads - score them and convert to new sales!

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Join over 3000 businesses across the country

who use WOW Analytics to power their online sales and grow their business.
  • WOWzers... that’s cool!

    WOW is a powerful web analytics and lead generation tool, which will ensure that you are getting the most out of your website and marketing - never miss another online lead!

    We’ll show you the companies that have been on your website by matching IP addresses to our own private database. These leads will be provided with a lead score to reflect their interest in your business, so you can see who your “hottest” leads are.

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Let us WOW you with our key features

Who is visiting
my website?

We'll show you the businesses and individuals that have been on your website, by matching IP addresses to our own private database.

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Page and
lead scoring

Score your webpages to show behavioural readings of your site visitors' activity. Then see who the 'hot' leads are.

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You can now purchase email addresses for the companies who have been on your website; from here the possibilities are endless.

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We will give you profiles and contacts for the companies that have been on your website, including financial data, employee names...

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  • How WOW Analytics works - step 1

    Place codes on Website

    Register for a free trial and we will send you the WOW codes; all you need to do is put them on your website (which we can help you with).

  • How WOW Analytics works - step 2

    Log into WOW Analytics

    We will show you the businesses that are coming onto your website, with their lead score so you can see who your “hottest” leads are

  • How WOW Analytics works - step 3

    Never miss another lead

    You never have to miss another online lead - all you need to do is get selling to your “hot” leads which WOW has shown you!

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What People Say About Us?

  • WOW!...I can see where the name came from! A great product that tell's you exactly who's been on your website, what pages they've looked at, and for how long! Perfect lead nurtuing platform with page and lead scoring features - and the software is so easy to use! We can understand our customer needs just by looking on pages that they visited that help our sales team a lot. Genius! Debbie BodenMarketing Manager at Acuity
  • WOW platform helped us to define our market, building the marketing activities with more precision, developing the new sales plan and increasing our revenue, saving time and money. WOW Analytics technology is one of the best investments we made so far in our business. Simple CRM integration help us to track and convert leads, and real-time analytics offer great insights about website visitors. Stephen GlasgowSales Manager at Asteral
  • WOW Analytics not only allows us to see what people are looking at on our website, but also WHO they are. We can identify new leads, track existing prospects, and understand our clients’ areas of interest - enhancing our lead generation & allow us to understand our true online marketing performance. In fact we’ve already identified a number of companies who now feature in our sales pipeline! Craig NeilsonOnline Marketing Manager at CCT
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